Todd Yilek

Looks like you are still playing since we were in morroco and you were on stage with that British band.


arizona Mitchell

would love to be up there listening to the tunes. B up there at 7PM maybe a little late

Larsmont Cottages

Inquiring about availability, pricing, etc. for your performances - we would love to have you perform at the resort either inside by the fireplace or outside (season depending) by our communal firepit.

Curt Sammann

Good to hear that you're still enamored with your wooden mistress!

I P Daily

I am a fan from the ghettos of East Sardania and found your last CD when it dropped from the pouch of one of those American tourists. Love your stuff.



We are enjoying you at the Earth wood bar. Great performance. do you do birthday parties?

Claudia Aro Baney

Hey, Mel! *GREAT music!*GREAT fun!*GREAT to see you & enjoyed your insight on various songs & musicians! Keep stringin' and singin'! Looking forward to catching another "gig" soon. (*hope to hear you perform "Suzy Baby.") Love the CD's ! Your Old Classmate, Claudia

Bill Isles

Mel, Congrats on the new album. We wish you continued success!!

Richy Mattson

Mel-great website! Enjoying the tunes--looking forward to seeing you play live around here real soon..

Jerry Mathison

Mel, glad to see your enjoying music so much. It is all I am doing for the rest of my days,,,, "Life is a song,,, Sing it"

JP (Tenacity Counts Music)

Mary Rosati

I just wanted to personally give you a big 'THANK YOU" for coming and sharing your unbelievable talent at our Lake County Fair! You made a fun and memorable festival even more so! You are so talented! Thanks again! ~Mary.

Wayne Wooten

Mel, Great site-and good ole music to boot

Mary Hallsten

Beautiful site Mel! There are many good things about it, your music being a big part of that.
Keep doing your great work.....